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Sage Advice
– Great Rabbis on Living in Small Cities

Babylonian Talmud “Living in Big Cities is a Hardship” – Ketuboth 110b

“Living in large cities is difficult, because large cities have markets, and are very expensive and congested from wayfarers” (Kiddushin 49b)

“[Living in large cities is difficult] because everyone settles there and they force the homes close together and there’s no [fresh] air, but in the towns there’s gardens and vineyards close to the homes and the air is good” (Kethubot 110b)

R. Shlomo Yitzchaki (Rashi) – preeminent Biblical and Talmudic commentator

“The upshot of all this is that there is one benefit of big cities over small cities, which is everything is available in them, which is not true of small cities. But big cities have three deficiencies which are not found in small cities: one, living in big cities is hard because the houses are close together and the air is bad, two, big cities are rampant in theft and immorality, and three, in big cities there are bad people who look to cause trouble.” (Perashat Derachim, #7)

R. Yehuda Rosanes – author of Mishneh Lemelech on Rambam

“Living in towns is better for physical health than living in walled cities or large cities” (Redak on Micha 5:10)
R. David Kimchi (Redak) – significant Biblical commentator and philosopher

“[Supporting oneself is more difficult in big cities, as the Talmud says] living in big cities is difficult, and Rashi explains, because they are more expensive.” (Teshuvot Chasam Sofer, Yoreh Deah #234)
R. Moshe Sofer (Chasam Sofer) – major modern Hungarian halachic authority

“Living in large cities is difficult because it is expensive for food and housing.” (Tiferet Yisrael, Kiddushin 2:3)

Rabbi Israel Lipschutz – author of Tiferet Yisrael, a significant commentary on the Mishna