The Silver Academy

Jewish  &  Secular  education:  Nurturing –  Challenging – Individualized

The parents of Silver Academy students continually express gratitude for the school’s ability to meet their child’s unique needs. Whether the student is exceptional, challenged, or a “different learner,” staff is trained in delivering a highly individualized approach to learning. Likewise, students who seek more Judaically sophisticated learning also receive lessons tailored to their needs.

As Silver Academy parents, we are proud that our children learn Hebrew in an immersive class in addition to classical Jewish text study, while also developing a passion for lifelong learning, critical thinking, and communal responsibility.

The Silver Academy is Central Pennsylvania’s Jewish Day School. Known to locals by its former name –The Yeshiva — it has always brought together children from different congregations. The result? Several generations of Harrisburg Jewish adults whose lives overlap, and who work together for the common beliefs and benefit of their community.